Enamel Glue for Steel

WG Ball enamel onto steel

The WG Ball wet process enamel steel ground coat is quite frankly “Enamel Glue for Steel”. This is a metal oxide based primer that you can mix with water and either spray, dip or paint onto steel. This is then fired at 800°C-820°C. 250g of this costs approximately £13.50 (July 2021) from CooksonGold. A previous … Read more

Enameling onto Steel

enamel glue-it.com sign

Enameling onto steel appears to be a sensible idea based on the fact that antique enamel signs were on steel. How hard can it be? The first task was to make a mask. I did this using the Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-pro. This was designed using Carbide 3D and machined using a 1.2mm diameter slot drill. … Read more

First go at Enameling

enameled bowl

So this was my first go at enameling and I thought I should write down my approach and experience. Plus a few resources that I’ve used to learn and to inspire. First thing was I bought a small kiln, a Prometheus Pro 1 electric kiln. Then I watched a really good introduction to enameling. This … Read more

Fixings for Enamel Signs

bus stop enamel sign fixed to wall

Fixings for Enamel Signs that don’t have any holes through which you can fix them. This can be tricky as it is best to keep the sign original. So here is an idea for a fixing that just catches the edge. The “buttons” are essentially very thick washers with a step. This means that the … Read more