First go at Enameling

So this was my first go at enameling and I thought I should write down my approach and experience. Plus a few resources that I’ve used to learn and to inspire. First thing was I bought a small kiln, a Prometheus Pro 1 electric kiln.

Then I watched a really good introduction to enameling. This really does give you the basics in an easy to understand approach:

Then I had a go myself, why it had to be something with a shape to it as a first piece I don’t know. Either way the above introduction to enameling gave me the confidence to fire multiple times.

One thing I cannot over emphasize is cleaning the copper and if necessary between firings as well. I use a pickling solution. The enamels are quite expensive and so worth hunting around a bit. They are available from CooksonGold.

This is a first go at enameling and I feel that I need to learn by trial and error. The feeling of creating this was superb and the final part is rather nice. Even if it is a tad naïve. I also need to create a few more tools and trays for holding and moving parts.

This final video is something to aspire to, if this doesn’t inspire….

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