Silver Soldering with a Kiln

Can silver soldering with a kiln create better quality joints? I bought a small kiln for heat treating parts and enameling. Then I thought about what else I could do with a kiln.

easy flow silver solder paste

Initially I tried using silver solder paste from CooksonGold.

This silver solder paste works really well using a blowtorch. However, in the kiln it just turns into a gritty dried out paste.

The first time was using a programmed ramp in the Prometheus kiln to 720°C. The second attempt used the oven pre-heated to 720°C.

So it was time to try a different approach. I went back to the normal flux powder and easy flo 55 silver solder.

flux powder

The flux is normally in this powder form and so not the easiest to apply to the correct area. Normally I would put some flux on the parts and then heat the silver solder wire before dipping it into the tub of flux.

So, I added water to the flux powder.

flux paste

I use the plastic lids from old coffee cans, they make great mixing trays.

It was then possible to apply the flux using a brush. Two small lengths of 0.7mm diameter easy flo 55 solder were added each side of the joint.

The part was then placed on an upraised mesh tray ready to go into the oven.

brass parts with flux and solder

The youtube is a tad disconnected in places, but it takes you through programming the Prometheus kiln and this silver soldering application.

silver soldered brass parts

The part fresh out of the kiln. The silver solder has flowed rather well along the joint between the two brass pieces and is rather neat.

cleaned up silver soldered joint
The final part after a quick clean.

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