Enamel Glue for Steel

WG Ball enamel onto steel

The WG Ball wet process enamel steel ground coat is quite frankly “Enamel Glue for Steel”. This is a metal oxide based primer that you can mix with water and either spray, dip or paint onto steel. This is then fired at 800°C-820°C. 250g of this costs approximately £13.50 (July 2021) from CooksonGold. A previous … Read more


For my gas engine from a steam engine (Transitional Engine) I needed a frame made from I-beams. As you cannot buy these I decided to make them from rectangualr section mild steel. The overall section of the I is 1/2″ wide and 3/4″ deep. The first stage was to slot drill each side of the … Read more

Case Hardening Compound

Just bought some case hardening compound from EKP Supplies. I want it for a cylinder that I have machined and would like to try and harden the inner surface. I bought 250g for around £14.00 maybe a tad expensive, but if it is anything like the Kasenit of the past then it will last for … Read more