Fixings for Enamel Signs

machining buttons from mild steel

Fixings for Enamel Signs that don’t have any holes through which you can fix them. This can be tricky as it is best to keep the sign original. So here is an idea for a fixing that just catches the edge.

The “buttons” are essentially very thick washers with a step. This means that the when the washer is fixed to the wall with a screw there is a gap that the enamel sign fits into.

I machined a piece of 1/2inch diameter mild steel and drilled a 4.7mm diameter hole through the middle. The step is a 4mm reduction in diameter for 2.5mm.

Each button was removed in turn from the stock, turned around and faced.

The machining was all done on a Warco WM240B manual metal lathe.

four button fixings and four brass screws

Four buttons machined from mild steel, drilled and countersunk.

I found some old brass wood screws with a slightly domed head. These would sit in the countersink in the button and just give it an interesting overall shape.

perma blue or black finish

Perma Blue allows you to chemically give mild steel or brass to a gun metal black surface finish. Clean the metal thoroughly using soapy water or methylated spirits to remove any grease, then dip the parts in the chemical and just move them around for a few minutes.

If you remove the parts and the colour is not deep enough then just put the parts back into the chemical for a few more minutes.

button fixing the edge of the enamel sign
Fixings for enamel signs can be quite simple buttons that catch the edges

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