Where is the Glue

Where is the glue? Perhaps it should be what glue do I need for this to that material. Or even where is the glue in glue-it.com as the keyword is a small feature.

There is actually a page on glue-it.com specifically about glues, but it appears under materials. This is not a bad start, but I feel that what we need is a how do I glue this to that page. Somewhere where you can find the two materials and look for help or experience.

This is also where I need some of your experience, knowledge learnt over years in a specific field or with a specific type of glue. Would be great to also get some suppliers sending us links to information and test data.

In the past we have reviewed some specific glues and we get great feedback.

gorilla glue

Gorilla Glue

This is a special glue that is useful to keep for when nothing else works. The down side is that it has an expiry date and mine had a shelf life of less than 1 year when I bought it.

I’ve glued a block of wood to a breeze block wall that needed a lump hammer to subsequently remove, and glued broken bricks together. Messy but a good bond. And yes, it’s really not easy to get off your fingers.

Regards, Paul

We will expand the glue page with more examples of what you can use, also, we will keep indexing it based on the materials used. Hopefully a “this to that” type of guide. I will also add an adhesives page where we list the glues by type.

First of all though we have promoted the Glues page to the top bar in the menu, hopefully appropriate for a website named “glue-it.com“.

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