Burrell Valve Chest Plaque

The Burrell valve chest plaque has the makers name and factory location embossed on it. This means I need to etch another brass plate. This time though it is very small indeed. Etching at this scale is possible and feasible at home.

Miniature Mantlepiece Clock

The face on this clock was etched using a photographic technique. The dial is just 12.7mm (1/2″ in diameter). The ring has been silvered.

This 1/12th scale mantlepiece clock works using a wristwatch movement. Made by Roy Louis Taylor in the 1980’s. This is just one of the items in the 1/12th Scale Antiques Shop, all made by Roy Taylor.

miniature clock and Burrell valve chest
This puts the Burrell valve chest plaque into context.

The etching challenge should be easy. A much finer level of detail was achieved on this clock face more than 30 years ago. How hard can it be?

valve chest plaque words

This is the valve chest plaque. I created this simple image of the plaque using powerpoint. However, as with the smokebox door this needs to be created in Inkscape.

Inkscape is a vector based image editing package and hence can scale this and allow me to print it. The only issue is I’m a novice at using Inkscape and so this may require an afternoon of editing.

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