Model Making Blog is a model making blog that has been online since 1998. 22 years of writing articles, assembling data and sharing information with people from across the world.

We started with simple hand coded html pages, these were very simple pages with the simplest of code. The images were compressed and this was all designed to work with dial-up internet connections. We also started listing model making shops and clubs, pages written from Microsoft Excel sheets. The Excel sheets allowed us to write the data out into different pages, listing it A to Z and by category. Simple, but demanding on time.

We have used the same internet server since the very start, an excellent service provided by NetscanUK. However, we needed to make some money to support the cost of the server, hence we turned to google adverts. The google adverts have been good for us over the years and initial we made some significant amounts. However, as the internet has grown our status has changed. At one time we were number 1 for any search on “model making”. Note sure that is true now.

We updated the website and moved to CSS and updated the pages, a lot of hand coding. The google advert revenue was dropping and it had become a chore. Then we moved to wordpress, it has become an enjoyable part of my hobby of model making and I really like all of the interaction with people across the world.

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Concentrate on What Matters

The most important part of any hobby is to enjoy what you do as this is often an escape from the world of work, a way to relax.

This is the same with a website, enjoy it and if it becomes a chore then move on, change it or let it go.

For now is an enjoyable part of what I do. In fact I would like to make more of it, expand it to help more people and share more information. A model making blog based on what I love doing as a hobby.

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