Genmitsu 3018-Pro Case

I needed a Genmitsu 3018-Pro case, something that would allow me to store it safely in my workshop and easily move it to the bench when it’s in use. This is my first adventure into CNC and so I want to keep the machine safe, clean and tidy.

MDF box with lower drawer

All of the sides, back, base and main tray are cut from 9mm thick MDF.

The slot is for a drawer to hold all of the parts, leads, power supply and cutting bits.

drawer assembly

The drawer tray was made with a 9mm thick base, 9mm thick sides and then every other panel was 6mm thick MDF.

I set the bandsaw guide up to the correct height for all of the panels and just cut lots of sections.

backing the drawer to drill holes

I forgot to cut fingers holes in the front of the drawer to pull it out with. So I had to clamp an offcut behind the main panel before drilling a couple of holes with a flat wood bit.

The offcut clamped behind just stops the drill breaking through in a hurry and delaminating the MDF.

closed Genmitsu case

Three over-centre clasps hold the lid in place.

I now have a case for the Genmitsu that is strong enough for me to put on a shelf in the workshop, place stuff on top of it and not worry about it getting damaged.

The box also works when the machine is in operation. I’ve now added some offcuts of foam under the feet to reduce vibration and the noise levels.

genmitsu cnc in case
Genmitsu 3018-Pro Case

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