Aerodynamic Drag

Aerodynamic drag is the resistance of a vehicle body to motion through the air. A smooth surface has less drag than a rough one. It may be broken down into three main components: skin friction: this is drag due to the surface texture and area. profile drag: this is drag from the three-dimensional shape of … Read more



The aerofoil is a cross-section shape of a wing taken at right angles to the wing span. Also known as the wing section or rib section. An aerofoil is shaped so that air flows faster over the top than under the bottom. There is, therefore, a greater pressure below the aerofoil than above it. This … Read more

Aerodynamic Noise

aerodynamic noise

When we flow gas through a pipe or over a surface (fluid dynamics) we generate noise and sometimes vibration, this all falls under the title of aerodynamic noise. The noise that is produced can be extreme if there is a feedback system between the noise that is generated and the gas flow. However, even under … Read more