Heat Treating Silver Steel

heating silver steel with blow torch

This article is all about heat treating silver steel. There are many different types of steel, silver steel a really useful material for the hobbyist if you learn about heat treating it. Heat uniformly to 770-780°C until heated through. Quench in water. Sizes up to 8mm or 5/16” dia may be oil hardened from 800-810°C. … Read more

Silver Steel Cutting Speeds

silver steel rod

The recommended cutting speed for silver steel is 15 to 25m/min Using this speed I’ve created the following table of cutting speeds: Diameter of material [mm] Spindle speed [rpm] Roughing Spindle speed [rpm] Finishing 3 1590 2650 5 950 1590 7 680 1130 10 470 790 15 310 530 20 230 390 25 190 310 … Read more