My Top 10 Milling Cutters

I know this will change as it has in the past, but as of now this is My Top 10 Milling Cutters. Well, let’s get this correct, I only machine as a hobby and so don’t even have 10 makes of cutter. However I will list my experiences and explain.

1. Milling Cutters Store

Milling Cutter Store slot drill

In particular this is their 3 flute steel cutter.

3 flute 35 degree helix cutters for use in general steel and materials of a hardness up to 55HRC. 0.6 Micrograin carbide. TiXco coated.

This cutter works great as a slot drill and with 3 flutes works reasonably as an end mill. I’ve used this on steel, aluminium, brass and it’s produced great results. For the 6mm diameter cutter I use a speed of 600-800rpm on steel and push this up to 1000rpm for aluminium.

This is currently my number 1 cutter as they are really good quality, priced competitively and there is a fast deliver.

This milling cutter was still working after I damaged one of the edges. When I mean still working, it was still better than the other cutters.

2. Dormer

high speed steel slot drill

The Dormer high speed steel slot drills and end mills are fabulous. Not quite as sharp as the carbide cutters, but more robust.

The downside is they are expensive to purchase new. The best route is to buy them new-second-hand on ebay. The cost is then comparative, the downside is lots of searching and waiting.

They do have a vast range of milling cutters: Dormer Pramet

3. Rennie Tools

rennie tools sot drill

The Rennie Tools solid carbide 2 flute slot drills work really well with mild steel. This shows a slot machined with a small slot drill with no cutting fluid.

The tools are sharp and they maintain their edge for a long time. You can buy these tools on ebay or direct from Rennie Tools.

I use the 6mm 4 flute end mill from Rennie on a regular basis.

Number 3 as not as good as Milling Cutters and not as robust as Dormer milling bits. However, their prices are very competitive and the bits are very good.

4. Maykestag

kestag 1636 end mill

This Maykestag 12mm end mill is the best I have ever used. However, I only bought it for £2 from a car boot sale. If I had to buy this brand new then I would be looking at a price nearer to £100 and far beyond my model making budget.

Maykestag – brilliant for the professional.

5. – 10. TiN Coated Bits

There is a general glut of milling cutters on ebay and online generally. They are often TiN coated and now more regularly solid carbide. However, they can be very hit and miss on quality and robustness.

I’m sure another manufacturer will catch my eye and after trying them out I will add to the list. For now the top 3 in this list are a great solid starting point.

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