Soba HSS Lathe Tools

A review of a set of pre-ground Soba HSS Lathe Tools in 12mm high speed steel.

This is a bit of a cheat as it is not that hard to grind your own lathe tools, in addition you get to learn cutting angles.

Having said all of that a pre-ground set of HSS tools is a great way to get you machining very rapidly.

This set of lathe tools are made by and sold under the trade name Soba. In this particular case I bought these from Warco.


What you get is a nice boxed set of 8 tools in a nice presentation box.

This set comprises the following:

  • Left hand turning tool
  • Right hand turning tool
  • Straight finishing (60/55deg)
  • Corner tool
  • Parting tool
  • Boring tool
  • Threading (60/55deg)
  • Internal threading(60/55deg)

The right and left hand turning tools are the most useful tools in the set and I have used them to turn a lot of aluminium and mild steel to date. The only regrinding I have done to date is a fine polish of the edges using a diamond stone.

Price: approx £45 for the 12mm set from


At £45 for the 12mm set these are not cheap, but the quality is very high and if you want to get started with the lathe straight away and not have to learn the basics of tool grinding for a while then these are perfect.

I have used these extensively on aluminium and mild steel with the Warco WM-240B lathe and they have done a superb job.

12mm HSS blank tools are not that cheap and the great thing about the Soba HSS tools is they are long.

So that got me thinking…

This is a simple tool, but with a large 8″ grinder was easy to reproduce on the opposite end to the pre-cut shapes.

I cut the tool to shape and then rounded the end and then used a diamond pad to create a sharp finish.

A blank piece of 12mm tool is roughly £6 to £8 and so using the other end of these tools means that they are even better value.

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