Antex XS25 Soldering Iron

A review of the Antex XS25 Soldering Iron.

I′ve had a 15W Weller soldering iron for around 15 years and up until last weekend was no trouble. Then it just stopped.

So time to look for a new soldering iron – turn to the internet and reviews. The most favoured make appears to be Antex. The Antex website is quite nice as it lays out their range of irons – you can purchase directly from the website.

I quickly honed in on the 25W iron as I′m not the most sensitive with these and sometime want a bit more heat for larger items.

I bought mine from Maplins, just convenience as they are a 5 minute walk up the road.

The iron comes with a stand that is “flat-packed” and a plastic hook attached to the main body of the iron – this just slides off if you don′t need it.

The tip is a good size for soldering electronics and you can buy separately a selection of bits (again check out the website.

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