Picard Planishing Hammer

The Picard Planishing Hammer is precisely ground and hardened, hand-forged, steel head with highly polished tips mounted on a hickory handle to provide the right weight and balance. Made in Germany.

  • Round Faces
  • Flat Face 25mm diameter
  • Round Domed Face 27mm diameter
  • Weight 170g

The hammer feels a little bit heavier than the quoted weight so I just balanced the head on the scales and it read 200g (~7oz). Some of this extra weight is down to the handle. I laid the head on the scales and then supported the handle roughly where you would hold it.

Definitely not the cheapest of hammers (£28 in 2012), but the head is finished to a mirror finish, the handle is exquisite and the balance overall is superb. I’ve used this for a lot of metal working now and it is great to handle, the faces are exquisite and so leave smooth indentations which means you can work more easily.

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