Small Planishing Hammer

I saw a small homemade hammer on one of the engineering forums and it just made me wonder about making my own, especially as I have a collection of hammers arranged on the wall of my workshop and I would love a small planishing hammer. The head was turned and milled from a piece of … Read more

Picard Planishing Hammer

The Picard Planishing Hammer is precisely ground and hardened, hand-forged, steel head with highly polished tips mounted on a hickory handle to provide the right weight and balance. Made in Germany. Round Faces Flat Face 25mm diameter Round Domed Face 27mm diameter Weight 170g The hammer feels a little bit heavier than the quoted weight … Read more

“If I Had a Hammer”

I look at the wall in my workshop and the song comes into my head “if I Had a Hammer”. The hammer collection has definitely crept up on me… Now I’ve got to the point where I’m balancing one on another and I keep looking out for them at car boot fairs, they can be … Read more

Palm Dead Blow Hammer

I was thinking about the idea of making a  dead blow hammer – really just an interest in the basic physics and then the design. I started by making the parts you can see in the photo to the left, this is for 2 off hammers. The tubes were from one of those random boxes … Read more