Workshop Humidity

Workshop humidity is a problem in that it can result in rust. Especially an issue on the surfaces of precision tools. The humidity in the air comes from a number of sources: atmospheric, gas fire, blow torch, breathing and of course from some processes. Such as steaming wood, this will generate a lot of water … Read more

Blacksmith’s Anvil

blacksmith anvil

The Blacksmith’s anvil is a heavy iron or steel block upon which metal is forged or hammered. The blacksmith‚Ä≤s anvil is made from steel or forged iron and may vary in weight from 2kg up to 500kg. It is fixed to a wooden block, normally elm as this doesn’t split so easily. Throat – This … Read more

Home Workshop Insurance


Things to think about when looking at home workshop insurance. I thought I would write a list of good practice, things to ask the insurer and some further reading: Security Lock your workshop up. Don’t make it easy for anybody to just walk in and pick something up. Even if they don’t clear you out … Read more

Nebo Lil Larry Worklight

nebo light on warco lathe

The featured image is rather a dramatic staging of the Nebo Lil Larry worklight fixed with the magnet to the Warco Lathe. A simple button on the top of the pen-like light allows you to cycle between: off 250 Lumen white intense light – 3 hour runtime 95 Lumen low light – 10 hour runtime. … Read more

Workshop Organisation

I have a small workshop and so rely on a well organised storage system to pack in all that I need. Just recently I saw two articles that are the opposite of this: large workshop and all tools accessible and in view. The two articles are: Axminster Tools – 10 tips to improve¬†workshop efficiency Adam … Read more

Storage – take a coffee break

coffee tins as storage

I need lots of parts, they need to be ordered in some way. On the other hand I may not use them for years and then when I need them, I need them immediately and I don’t want to spend ages hunting for them or end up ordering them online, waiting a week and then … Read more