Nebo Lil Larry Worklight

The featured image is rather a dramatic staging of the Nebo Lil Larry worklight fixed with the magnet to the Warco Lathe.

nebo light switch

A simple button on the top of the pen-like light allows you to cycle between:

  • off
  • 250 Lumen white intense light – 3 hour runtime
  • 95 Lumen low light – 10 hour runtime.
  • Hazard flashing red

The clip is solid and allows you to keep it with you, never know when you need more light to see something. Especially true as you get older.

magnetic base on nebo

The magnetic base is rather useful around the workshop as there are a lot of surfaces this can be fixed to.

nebo light out on bench

The pen-light case is made from aluminum and you can unscrew the base to allow the 3x AAA’s to be removed. This is a very well made item for just £10, well done Nebo.

nebo light on milling head

The light attached to the head of my Sieg milling machine, this means the light is fixed relative to the milling head.

nebo light on milling table

The light fixed to the work table of the Sieg milling machine, this means it’s fixed relative to the workpiece.

nebo light on hobbymat lathe

Fixed to the splashback of my Hobbymat lathe. I often use this lathe for very fine work and so need as much light as I can get when I’m using it.

nebo light on warco lathe

I have a spotlight arranged just above the Warco lathe, but it sits in a corner of the workshop where and so suffers from light deprivation.

The Nebo Lil Larry Worklight is a great little light to add to any other lighting you might already have.

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