Boley Watch Makers Lathe

The tiny etched brass plaque on the box says Boley, as in Boley Watch Makers Lathe.

This is a 6.5mm lathe made by G. Boley, established in Germany in 1870.

triangular-half round bed

The lathe bed on this lathe is very distinct, half-round and triangular.

boley lathe in its box

To give you an idea of just how small this lathe is the box is just 285mm (11.25″) long.

  boley-004 boley-005 boley-006 boley-007 boley-008 


end on view of the Boley

The belt is round and is essentially trapped by the headstock bearings. The easiest way around this is to use a belt whereby you cut a length and bond the ends together.


Price: Well, I just bought this lathe on ebay for £215 (August 2010)

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