Change Gears and Pitch

change gears on a lathe

When cutting threads on the lathe we need to look at the change gears and pitch. The change gears on the back of the headstock that connect the headstock rotation to the leadscrew rotation along with the leadscrew pitch determine the pitch you will cut. The gears shown here on a Hobbymat MD65. The spindle … Read more

Underside of a Warco Top-Slide

Warco WM240B topslide

I’ve removed the top-slide before, however, have you seen the underside of a Warco top-slide? Perhaps more interesting is the top of the cross-slide? Not sure if this is unique to the Warco WM240B. The top slide is bolted down with a collar and two M8 bolts. This allows the top-slide to be rotated for … Read more

Free Turning on a Metal Lathe

free turning metal

Some time ago I did some free turning on a metal lathe. Namely a Hobbymat MD65 and I was turning a steel spinning top. My approach at that time was to use a technique that mimicked that of wood turning. I ground a broken HSS centre drill into a lathe tool. The round bar of … Read more

24V DC Motor for the Unimat

24V DC Motor Conversion for Unimat

24V DC Motor for the Unimat 3 designed, made and authored by Ray Dean, Sydney. I thought you might be interested in this story about my little Unimat 3. I needed a new motor for Unimat 3 where I had fitted a sewing machine motor in place of the original which had blown when I … Read more

Lathe Chuck Spacers

flywheel in warco lathe machining chamfer

How many times do you use lathe chuck spacers? How do you keep all of the spacers in place whilst aligning the workpiece in the chuck? I had this problem recently with a small flywheel that I was holding in external jaws. I needed to space the chuck away from the plain of the jaws … Read more