Lathe Compound Slide Angles

Just received a post from Alan @ Woody’s Workshop with a spreadsheet for calculating lathe compound slide angles. If you want to turn accurate tapers then is is a useful approach.

table of compound slide angles

The useful bit is that this also includes a table so that you can lookup an angle and get the change in x for a given y.

This is just the simple

sine = opposite / hypotenuse

but the spreadsheet just makes it a bit easier.

A DTi held in the tool post makes this measurement very accurate.

I think it is worth printing out the table and sticking it to your workshop wall as a quick reference guide. It is easy to do the sine calculation, but a lookup table will just help you get to the angle you want faster.

Checkout Alan’s pages as there are lots of other gems.

Would you too like to contribute to Drop me a line

dti holder and dti

Moore and Wright DTi and Holder

This Moore and Wright dial test indicator is a lovely precision instrument. A simple holder made from regular mild steel bar is a great way of enhancing it’s applications.

Use this DTi to set accurate lathe compound slide angles.

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