Record Power DX1000 Dust Extractor

I thought I would review my Record Power Dust Extractor. If you are working with wood on a regular basis then the first thing you must buy is a dust extractor and preferably a pack of face masks.

  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Power Input: 1,000 W
  • Capacity: 45 l
  • Weight: 11.0 kg
  • Size: H260 x W530 x D360mm

This is like an oversize vacuum cleaner with a 0.5 micron filter and 2 metres of 100mm diamter hose.

Record make two machines that are the same in specification, the DX1000 and the RSDE1. The DX1000 is £30 cheaper and is not quite so nice looking but when hidden under the workbench (see below) who cares about looks.

Record Power DX1000

The machine has a paper filter with a claimed 0.5 micron filter capability and must admit that having used it for around 6 months with no problems and great dust extraction then appears to work very well.

This is not to say that now and again when doing a lot of wood machining that you should not use a mask as well. I use a mask on a regular basis in addition to the extractor when I′m using any kind of power sander.

Record Power DX1000

When I bought this extractor I originally thought I would mount it on the wall and if I rearrange my workshop I still may do this.

For now the extractor sits under the workbench and when not in use I coil the hose around it. It’s normally plugged into my homemade sanding disc or the Record Power Bandsaw.

The only real issue I’ve had with this Record Power Dust Extractor is the hose material gets rather brittle over time and cracks, hence losing suction power.

dx1000-cyclone modification

DX1000 Cyclone – a simple modification to induce a cylcone effect in the main drum. Hopefully this will then extract more of the finer dust before reaching the filter.

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