Naro Driver

A screwdriver that you don′t really need, but need to buy one for that one time when no other screwdriver will work.

A neat package with the driver and a number of useful driver bits.

I must admit that I read the packaging and immediately thought that this was made for the American market with the text at the bottom of the card – oh well, it is best to be safe.

The driver is very small and slim, allowing this to work in very restricted places.

The ratchet can we reversed with a simple flick of the clicker.

The driver bits are held in magnetically and easy to change, there is a hard stop at the top so that you can apply some force to the driver to locate it.


As I said this is one tool that will probably sit in the toolbox for some years until nothing else will work. That′s fine at this price.

The ratchet is quite coarse and so it is difficult sometimes in a tight space to get enough swing for the arm. Also, the direction for the ratchet is changed left to right by a button that sticks out of the side of the ratchet and this is easy to knock. It would be better with a finer ratchet and if the direction was changed by flipping the tool over.

All in, this is a great Father /Mother / Christmas present for the man/woman who already has every tool possible.

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