Improving the Sound

A few comments on my YouTube channel are telling me I need to be improving the sound. I’m recording the videos with a Samsung A71 and Olympus Pen F. Two great devices, although the Pen F definitely has the edge. Actually, more than just an edge, it is brilliant and exquisite to use. However, that is another story.

A separate microphone would definitely improve the sound, if nothing else solving the changes in direction and masking. These occur when I’m working and turning my head away from the microphone. A lapel or lavalier microphone would work here.

PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone

Improving the sound

This microphone has great reviews and at the budget end in terms of price, I thought this would be a good first step in improving the sound.

This plugs into the 3.5mm jack on a phone and comes with an adaptor 4 to 3 pin adapter. This converts it from TRRS to TRS and hence allows it to then work with a PC, laptop or DSLR camera.

I purchased this from Amazon.

microphone kit in a bag

The microphone kit comes in a handy zip top bag that will allow you to keep it all safe and secure when not in use.

  • High quality microphone
    • 6.5 feet of cable
    • 4 pin 3.5mm jack
  • Lapel clip
  • 2 additional pop windshields
  • 6.5 feet extension cable
  • 4 to 3 pin conversion plug
  • Zip top case
powerdewise microphone kit
The extensive kit of parts in the PowerDeWise lavalier mic kit – Amazon
microphone, lapel clip and windshield

The microphone, lapel clip and windshield. The microphone is very small and very light. It is easy to clip this, carefully, into the lapel clip. The microphone can then be rotated to a number of set locations.

The windshield is an open cell foam and just pushes over the microphone.

Using this with an Android Phone

I literally just pushed the 3.5mm jack plug into my Samsung A71 and started recording. I tried a simple back to back test with the in-built phone microphone and wow. This external microphone has a big impact with respect to the clarity of the voice recording. I will be using this later today to give you an update on the progress of my Burrell traction engine and then you can hear for yourselves.

First Impressions

Improving the sound quality of my YouTube videos for under £30 is amazing. This little kit is comprehensive, thought through and well put together.

PowerDeWise lavalier mic kit – Amazon

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