Gas Turbine

gas turbine combustion chamber

Although practical model jet engines have been around since the early 1980’s it has only been in the past few years that home construction has become viable. Careful design has made simple home construction possible using basic tools and a small centre lathe. The gas turbine engine shown on the left was made by Ron Lane … Read more

Pistons and Liners

pistons and liner materials

There are a number of different combinations of materials for the pistons and liners of engines. I’ve listed a number below and comment on their merits, if I’ve missed one then do drop me a line along with a description and if possible supporting images – or post a comment. Aluminium Piston and Cast Iron … Read more


single throw crankshaft

A crankshaft machined from a solid piece of mild steel. This is quite a daunting thing to machine for the new model engineer and so I have described the steps I’ve taken in making this crankshaft. I often use a permanent marker rather than engineers blue as it is a lot less messy and it … Read more

Exhaust Silencer Design

The exhaust system on an internal combustion engine may be used to reduce noise and/or increase power. A pressure tapping is also used on many exhaust systems to pressurise the fuel tank and hence allow the engine to operate at any attitude. The basic noise reduction properties of an exhaust system are governed by the … Read more

Anatomy of a Lathe

warco wm240b lathe saddle

Just bought a lathe and feeling a touch in awe of it? The first thing then is to familiarise yourself with what is what around the lathe? This particular lathe is a Warco WM240B (review of the WM240B). This is a good size for a general purpose hobby lathe with a maximum swing of 240mm … Read more

Gear Cutting with the Hobbymat MD65

Have just been cutting some gears (gears design) and thought it worth taking some photographs and writing up some comments on how to convert the Hobbymat MD65 so that you can cut straight spur gears. The topslide is removed with four caphead bolts. It is rather awkward that there is a pivot post protruding from … Read more


Whether it is polyfila or fire cement or any other form of cement it is important to keep the air out when storing it. The problem I find is that the various manufacturers often supply a silly piece of plastic that is slightly smaller in diameter than the inside of the plastic tub and so … Read more