1/20th Scale Burrell vs Mamod

I was asked to compare 1/20th Scale Burrell vs Mamod. Now I don’t have a Mamod Traction Engine (TE1), but when I was around 10 years old I got a Mamod Steam Wagon for my birthday. So I got up in the loft, found the Mamod in it’s original box and wrapped in plastic bags.

mamod vs burrell traction engines

The front end of the Mamod Steam Wagon is the same as the traction engine model that they made. This then shows that the engines are quite comparable in size.

1/20th Scale Burrell vs Mamod in elevation is interesting. The Mamod has the single acting oscillating engine, The double acting slide valve engine for the Burrell will be much more powerful. The power will be helped by a slightly higher working pressure, I’m thinking of somewhere around 40psi.

elevation of mamod and burrell

The Burrell is slightly smaller in scale.

mamod vs Burrell

Looking at the Mamod website and you can still buy the traction engine as a kit of parts. That is very tempting. This blue steam wagon is also available ready to run.

mamod versus burrell
However, this just reminds me of how much work I have to do to finish this traction engine. I’d better stop arranging and staring at it and get on with making parts.

Hopefully this has helped put the Burrell traction engine that I’m making into context.

2 thoughts on “1/20th Scale Burrell vs Mamod”

  1. Spot the quality difference though, esp. on the wheels and detailing on the boiler front and chimney!

    Going to look good when finished.


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