Burrell Crosshead Guide

The Burrell crosshead guide or maybe the trunk guide. Must admit that I need to study the history of steam engines and the naming of parts. Anyway, back to this miniature traction engine design and make.

The crosshead guide supports the joint on the two-part conrod design. It is the sliding mechanism for the conrod mid-length joint.


stuart 10V

The inspiration for this crosshead design has once again come from the Stuart 10V. As I mentioned before when looking for inspiration for the valve block design this engine runs like a dream.

The crosshead guide is essentially a cast iron tube with the sides machined away so that you can see the movement of the crosshead.

Being a smaller engine bore and stroke the crosshead guide also needed scaling down. The issue though for me is how small can I go and still make it? It has to be possible to make it, assemble it and work.

Roughed Out

My first roughed out crosshead guide is shown below with the cylinder block. The guide was machined from a piece of continuous cast round bar.

cylinder block and roughed out crosshead guide

A small 0.5mm step locates the cylinder end cover and guide in the bore. The diameter of the hole in the crosshead guide is 10mm with a 13mm OD. I might have to revisit this and remove some weight.

crosshead guide

Slotted Crosshead

Burrell Crosshead Guide

As you can see the crosshead looks quite large compared to the cylinder diameter. However, I will reserve judgement until this is put in context with the traction engine.

Also, there may be some ways to remove “weight” from the design and essentially make it look slimmer.

For now I have a Burrell crosshead guide that allows me to move forward with other aspects of the design.

crosshead guide

Crosshead Guide Into Context – I finally bolt the crosshead guide to the cylinder, a task in it’s own right.

Then I can stand back and look at this with the engine overall.

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