Burrell on “Matchboxes”

It’s not made it onto all four wheels, but I think the Burrell on “Matchboxes” is looking quite the part. The axle needs the steering links added for the chains to connect to. The smokebox door needs the locking handle. I need to add the towing hitch to the front of the steering box.


Next on my list is to layout the hornplates. I’m very aware that I might be making these more than once as my design at the moment is quite basic in terms of the features I’ve fixed.

Looking at fullsize traction engines the hornplates are bent around and the lower plate and rear is riveted to the rolled over edge. This feels difficult at this scale and so my initial plan is to make the horn plates from 1/16th inch thick brass and to file a round edge. At this scale I think this will look ok.

The hornplates locate the rear wheel axle and the main crank relative to the rest of the engine. In this engine the hornplates will be part of the main driving bodywork. Again based on scale, but also just based on the accuracy and connectivity I can achieve by making this in one go.

My plan is to bolt the hornplates to the firebox at 3 or 4 locations each side. This approach though relies on the accuracy of the rolled sides of the firebox. Hence I might have to shim (or use shim washers) to get this all aligned accurately. I think that will be fine.

Maybe a few more posts before the Burrell on “Matchboxes” becomes the Burrell on Wheels….

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