Model Making Style

Whippet Cooling Tank

I posted a picture of the undercoated cooling tank and received a comment that this didn’t appear to fit with my other work. This made me wonder if there is a model making style and do I have a style? The question was raised as I was sent this engine to review and I started … Read more

Pondering the Design

traction engine tender on the mantelpiece

Sometimes it is good to just ponder the design. This allows your brain to bring together the different elements of the design. Look at conflicts in the design, check the aesthetics. Even trade certain design features and their impact on the total system of parts. Pondering the design is especially useful if you are designing … Read more

Burrell on “Matchboxes”

burrell traction engine

It’s not made it onto all four wheels, but I think the Burrell on “Matchboxes” is looking quite the part. The axle needs the steering links added for the chains to connect to. The smokebox door needs the locking handle. I need to add the towing hitch to the front of the steering box. Hornplates … Read more

CNC Spindle Idea

sketch for a cnc spindle

I have a CNC spindle idea, a simple modification to the direct drive 500 series motor. To be precise this is a spindle for the Sainsmart Genmitsu Pro-3018. The spindle will then be belt driven using the current motor. The reason I’m doing this is down to the play in the spindle. Not surprising really … Read more