A Model of the Model Boiler

model of a model boiler

So, I’m building a Model of the Model Boiler. The model is a mathematical model and to be honest it is in the simplest terms. The boiler is the small vertical one made as a test case for the miniature traction engine. However, I think this will help to explain the calculations that I can … Read more

Pondering the Design

traction engine tender on the mantelpiece

Sometimes it is good to just ponder the design. This allows your brain to bring together the different elements of the design. Look at conflicts in the design, check the aesthetics. Even trade certain design features and their impact on the total system of parts. Pondering the design is especially useful if you are designing … Read more

Battery Pack Design

lithium ion battery schematic

A battery pack design could be for a single or group of cells arranged in series and parallel, depending on application this may include: thermal control, electrical switching and management system. In it’s simplest for a phone battery pack design is a single cell that has temperature and voltage monitoring. The battery pack design for … Read more