DG-1000 Glider by ST Models

A blast from the past with Dave Taylor’s review of the DG-1000 Glider by ST Models. If like me you like flying RC gliders with a scaleish outline then this is for you as it has a big bonus because it is self launching. Meaning you don’t need a winch or a bungee or for that matter an aero-tow to height.


Wing span:2010mm/79.1in
Wing area:22.5dm/348.7in2
Wing loading:33.3g/dm
Power system:Brushless motor,1300 mHa Li-Po battery
Radio:5 channel transmitter x 6 channel receiver.
Servos:4 micro x 1 standard servo included x fitted

This baby comes with her own power pod which extends from the fuss. Once you have climbed to height you throttle back and the power pod drops back, the propeller stops and then the whole thing retracts back into the fuss. You then have a glider, the retracted motor has moved the CG back a little, but that is just right as this make for a better glide performance.

I have now had a lot of time flying mine and can say that it is a very nice bit of kit to have around, be it on a flat field or on the slope where you do not have to launch using the the motor as this glider also likes to slope soar. It is also quite agile and will happily loop, stall turn and roll like most scale sailplanes.

In setting up I used a Corona RP8DI synthesized receiver and Loong-max 13000 mAh Li-po battery pack both these both work well and give good performance.

By using an 8 channel set up I can use differential on the ailerons which helps the model to turn better. The package comes with a ‘Y’ lead and I flew mine with this but she did fly a little better with some differential dialed in. You can also use up aileron for airbrake using other mixers.

ST Models DG1000

Perhaps not the best looking glider on the ground or close up but when in the air this model rewards you with some nice flying. Well worth the money at around £130.00 – Dave

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