Slow Progress

Sometimes I have a model where lots is achieved and then slow progress. However, I got reminded this week by Google Photos of what this model was like 2 years ago. This is my 1/20th scale Burrell traction engine.

Starting Point on the Burrell Traction Engine

As you can see, I had bought the blanks for the wheels and sat them on the A4 drawing of the Burrell. The wheels alone took weeks to machine and construct. However, making these with individual spokes riveted to the rims has been very rewarding.

Two years and a lot of hours in the workshop has got me to the next image. Setup to try and replicate the angle etc from the first image. Image taken with a Samsung A71 mobile phone.

Slow Progress on the Burrell

In the meantime I made a small vertical boiler that was my first ever boiler. I built a mathematical model of the boiler to understand the heat inputs and losses. I have also dipped my toe into the world of CNC, originally with the aim of machining the smokebox door. However, with this not working I moved into etching.

Although progress is perhaps slow I then look at the level of detail and knowledge that has been gained in the process. Maybe it is slow progress, but it is also a very rewarding slow progress.

On top of all of this, working in my workshop brings a calmness and it is mindfulness in some ways.

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