Tom Haney Gallery

Tom Haney Gallery

The Tom Haney gallery, a page to introduce you to a world of kinetic art, model making and art. This is just a flavour of his work, but I hope that this gives you inspiration to explore more. Or even a desire to own one of these fabulous pieces, yes, you can buy or even commission work by Tom.

Tom Haney was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He took art classes in high school and attended college studying Industrial Design. Tom worked making props, models and miniatures for television commercials, still photographers, and motion pictures. Then in 2000 he became a full-time artist.

(Note: all images are copyright of Tom Haney and have been used here with permission).

My heroes have always been the pioneers, the inventors – Edison, Bell, the Wright Brothers – in the art world, the innovators – Calder, Picasso, Tinguely. The great Leonardo DaVinci, who did it all – painter, sculptor, scientist, engineer, and architect – was who I wanted to be when I grew up.

about Tom Haney

I have picked a few pieces for this page, editors choice. Hopefully, they give a glimpse of the skills and range of models and art.

Tinguely’s Dream

Made in 2008, Tinguely’s Dream features an articulated man sat on his tricycle. If the man were to pedal then the trike would move. For display the model is sat on 3 rollers that are powered by an electric motor, effectively a rolling road. If you watch the video then you see the tricycle and man slightly rocking from side to side as he pedals. This model is so full of character. Every time I re-watch the video I see something more.

Tom Haney Outpost


Tom’s abstract sculpture manages to just stop you and make you stare. Outpost is one of those pieces for me that just takes me to another world, perhaps a world in a science fiction novel I have read.

I also see the craftmanship in these pieces and again it just makes me want to try something different with my model making.

The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums

This still group of characters doesn’t really feel that still. As you look at them you can hear their brains ticking over and them wondering. I see them looking at me and thinking “who are you?”.

Tom Haney The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums

On Tom’s blog he shares the process of making this scene, below I have included a number of images that take you through the process pictorially. From the polymer clay blank heads to the final piece I will leave the words for you to read on Tom’s blog.

Tom Haney - The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums
Tom Haney - The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums
Tom Haney - The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums
Tom Haney - The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums
Tom Haney - The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums
Tom Haney - The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums

My daughter sent me a link to Tom’s work on Instagram some time ago and ever since I have eagerly watched builds progress. I must say it is inspirational.

If you are a model maker, model engineer, artist, sculpture, kinetic artist or just interested in mechanics or art then follow Tom. You can do so on a number of platforms:

Instagram account:



YouTube: Tom Haney YouTube

I hope you have enjoyed the Tom Haney Gallery page and an insight to one of the great modern day makers of automata.

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