Fixing the Burrell Nameplate

Fixing the Burrell nameplate to the valve chest cover on this miniature traction engine. I decided to silver solder it in place so there was no chance of it ever moving.

Burrell Nameplate

The nameplate design took some thought in terms of what lettering should be on it. In the end I went for the proper Charles Burrell design.

Creating the mask and etching some parts was actually quite straight forward.

four nameplates for the Burrell

In the end there was one nameplate that was better than the rest.

After carefully marking a 0.6mm wide line outside of the frame, the nameplate was cutout using tinsnips.

This was then carefully filed to give a border around the frame of around 0.1mm, just visible.

pickling brass parts

The parts were pickled using a white vinegar and salt mix. This might become my preferred pickle as it’s safe to use and works really well.

I leave the parts in the pickle for around 20 minutes before removing and drying.

silver soldering parts using easy flo

The parts ready for heating with a flame. The silver solder is an easy flo paste and applied to the rear of the nameplate.

After carefully pushing it into place I wiped off all excess solder paste. This was then carefully heated with the blow torch. Raising it off the hearth allowed the flame to be applied to the thicker backing plate.

A bead of silver could be seen around the parts as the solder reached the correct temperature.

Afterwards, a quick go back in the pickle, then a rinse in soapy water was all that was required.

Burrell valve chest nameplate
Fixing the Burrell nameplate in place has felt rather good. Another level of detail has been added to this miniature traction engine.

Burrell Crosshead Guide into Context

Miniature Traction Engine

This Burrell is 1/20th scale and fits in elevation onto a sheet of A4. The design has been developed from an 1890’s drawing of the engine.

brazing hearth

Brazing Hearth

A simple to make brazing hearth. Some care points with regards to fixings and you have a robust hearth.

Great for brazing and heat treating.

cookson gold easy silver solder paste

CooksonGold Easy Flo Silver Solder

At first I thought this silver solder paste was very expensive. However, after using it on lots of different jobs I have realised it goes a long way. A very long way.

This is great for small jobs. Especially where you want a precise application of silver solder.

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