Traction Engine Front Wheels

The traction engine front wheels are 70mm in diameter and 12mm wide. The wheel rims have been machined from 70mm mild steel round bar that is 1 inch long. This really didn’t leave any margins for error in diameter or width.

I bored the mild steel and then parted them with the thinnest possible parting tool. Sadly I didn’t take an image of this. This then gave me two rims that were 70mm outer diameter, 57mm inner and 12mm wide.

traction engine front rim blanks

This is a terrible image, but once I roughed the rims out I just had to offer them up to the rear wheels.

The rims look quite large in diameter, maybe this is down to the angle of the photograph.

I roughed the rims out using the Warco 240B lathe and the new Soba chuck.

Machining the front wheels was one of the reasons for upgrading the 3-jaw chuck on the lathe to a Soba chuck. I was tired of having to use the 4 jaw and aligning the parts every time using a dial gauge.

wheels overlaid on traction engine image

I had to check by overlaying the wheels on the A4 image of the traction engine. How cool is it going to look? I now have to keep looking at the parts and what they are to become.

traction engine Front wheel rims

The final machining of the Traction Engine Front Wheels was done then as a repetitive swapping of the parts in the chuck and repeating each machining operation.

This machining was done on the Hobbymat.

This way I get both exactly the same.

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