Cast Iron Piston Rings

piston rings

Some years ago I made cast iron piston rings, however, in the nearly 40 years since I have completely forgotten how. So, I’m reading lots of forums, references and articles on making cast iron piston rings. Whilst doing this I thought it was worth writing an article on the subject. I have listed references where … Read more


cast iron piston and aluminium conrod

The piston is a cylindrical part which reciprocates in the cylinder bore of an engine and transmits the force of the gas pressure through the connecting rod to the crankshaft. This means the piston needs to seal against the cylinder wall with a low friction and a low wear rate. Articulated Piston Two-piece piston incorporating … Read more

Piston – Single Valve Poppet Engine

engine crankcase, crank and cylinder

This is the initial process of machining the piston for my single cylinder poppet valve engine. This piston is being machined out of cast iron, I can hear the screams of how heavy this will be and the resultant vibration when the engine is running. However, a cast iron piston and liner is one of … Read more

Pistons and Liners

pistons and liner materials

There are a number of different combinations of materials for the pistons and liners of engines. I’ve listed a number below and comment on their merits, if I’ve missed one then do drop me a line along with a description and if possible supporting images – or post a comment. Aluminium Piston and Cast Iron … Read more