Warco Lathe Face Plate

I have had this Warco WM240B lathe quite a lot of time and this was the first time I needed to use the face plate. I have to say that the faceplate that was sent with the lathe is massive. It was great that you get the lathe supplied with 3-jaw, 4-jaw and a faceplate.

The main photo at the top of this article shows it fully in-place and bolted-up, but this was easier said than done…

When I say this is a tight fit, I mean tight.

The studs that were supplied were totally the wrong length – I ended up cutting them down and so removing around 10mm of the overall length.

The face plate was so tight that I had to tight the bolts in stages and so wind the face plate onto the headstock. This worried me as it would not be so easy to remove.

In use the headstock worked fine and I managed to machine a hole through the base of the tiny half beam engine that I have been working on.

As I thought though the removal of the face plate took some effort, slackening off bolts and gentle giving it a nudge with a wooden mallet, rotating and again giving a whack.

The chuck guard rests on the edge of the face plate which is a problem as it needs to be lowered to activate the safety switch…

The faceplate is solid enough and great for big stuff, but does need some work to make it easier to fit and remove and something needs to be done about the safety guard.

I ended up resting a piece of metal on top of the headstock, just sticking out enough to support the chuck guard. I then taped this piece of metal in place to stop it moving.

When changing any chuck or faceplate on the lathe it is worth taking your time and ensuring that you clean all of the mating surfaces – see my article about changing the chuck on a Warco lathe.

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