Retirement of the Handcrafted

We have been writing and developing the site in wordpress for some time, running the original website in parallel. However, moving to a new server we have finally seen the retirement of the handcrafted

Looking back at the old website there were more than 1100 pages and they covered a larger range of model making than we do on the new wordpress site. Also, some of the old pages such as the Armortek Tiger I were rather special.

The retirement of the handcrafted had to happen as it has become impossible to maintain. 23 years ago editing HTML code by hand felt ok, now it just feels very difficult when you actually just want to get on with creating content.

Are there any pages that you would like to see brought across? Are there pages by certain model makers that you want to see? Add a comment or drop me a line at and we will see what we can do.

Some of the old page titles:

  • Armortek Tiger I
  • USS Constellation – 22-Gun, Sloop-of-War, Built in 1854
  • GT 400 CLASS FAST ELECTRIC RACING – an article written by Paul Oliver in 2002
  • ParkZone Spitfire
  • Multiplex Fox
  • Single engine, twin propeller Mosquito.
  • Float Flying

I will start a gallery page for the models of Dave Taylor. There were a lot of cool models and tips that need to be kept and hopefully we can get some new articles.

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