Retirement of the Handcrafted

old html

We have been writing and developing the site in wordpress for some time, running the original website in parallel. However, moving to a new server we have finally seen the retirement of the handcrafted Looking back at the old website there were more than 1100 pages and they covered a larger range of model … Read more

Heavy Duty Camera Arm

heavy duty camera arm

The flexible camera arm finally broke so I had to make a heavy duty camera arm. In truth, I ordered a camera arm from Amazon. It never arrived, being returned to the depot due to damage in transport. Thus the inspiration I needed to design my own heavy duty camera arm. This will enable me … Read more

PolarDuck Mini Tripod

polar duck mini tripod

The PolarDuck mini tripod covers iPhone/Camera/DLSR/Smartphone/Webcam with Universal Phone Holder & GoPro. This was purchased from Amazon, I was looking for a quick fix as my flexible phone arm and clamp had completely broken. After initially looking at the Manfrotto Pixi, a similar product to this, but a lot more expensive. I thought I would … Read more