PolarDuck Mini Tripod

The PolarDuck mini tripod covers iPhone/Camera/DLSR/Smartphone/Webcam with Universal Phone Holder & GoPro. This was purchased from Amazon, I was looking for a quick fix as my flexible phone arm and clamp had completely broken.

After initially looking at the Manfrotto Pixi, a similar product to this, but a lot more expensive. I thought I would try this first.

This PolarDuck kit was just £12.99 and comes with a ball joint head, smart phone clamp and GoPro attachment. This is truly flexible in terms of options. At first it feels quite reasonably made, time will tell as to how well it copes with life in the workshop.

polar duck mini tripod and camera
Photographing my Miniature Traction Engine

The PolarDuck handles the weight of the Olympus Pen F very easily, even if you extend the legs of the tripod. The legs simply extend by pulling them out. To retract you have to push the red button on each leg.

The ball joint adds quite a bit of height to the tripod, but also adds flexibility. Again, the ball joint is robust.

The smartphone holder has two inserts that allow it to be bolted to the tripod. This is a reasonable mount, but it does feel like it’s on it’s limit with a Samsung A71. It works better with smaller phones.


You will be seeing more of the PolarDuck mini tripod. Actually, to be precise you will be seeing the impact of it in the images. It provides a flexible and stable platform for my DSLR and my smartphone. This is perfect for vlogging, instagram, YouTube and just general photography.

If you want a stable mount for your phone so that you can facetime someone this is also perfect.

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