Finished Heavy Duty Camera Arm

camera arm head control complete

I’ve finished heavy duty camera arm with some nice bolts, wing nuts and a knurled knob for the split pin. One of the final parts to complete was a knurled knob for the split pin. This is a 1/2″ diameter piece of brass with a straight knurl machined on the Hobbymat lathe. The split pin … Read more

Double Wing Nuts

double wing nuts

I needed a simple way to tighten the heavy duty camera arm and double wing nuts worked really well. Effectively I have a piece of M4 stud between two wing nuts. One end will be locked with thread lock. These are M4 domed caphead bolts from BoltBase. Must admit that I find this company has … Read more

Camera Threads

polar duck mini tripod

There are a number of camera threads used for tripod mounts, lens mounts and a shutter release. C-Mount CCD camera lens connector thread 1″-32UN2A with a standard focal distance of 17.526mm. A C-mount lenses can be used in CS-mount configurations with a 5mm adapter. CS-Mount CCD camera lens connector thread 1″-32UN2A with a standard focal … Read more

Heavy Duty Camera Arm

heavy duty camera arm

The flexible camera arm finally broke so I had to make a heavy duty camera arm. In truth, I ordered a camera arm from Amazon. It never arrived, being returned to the depot due to damage in transport. Thus the inspiration I needed to design my own heavy duty camera arm. This will enable me … Read more

PolarDuck Mini Tripod

polar duck mini tripod

The PolarDuck mini tripod covers iPhone/Camera/DLSR/Smartphone/Webcam with Universal Phone Holder & GoPro. This was purchased from Amazon, I was looking for a quick fix as my flexible phone arm and clamp had completely broken. After initially looking at the Manfrotto Pixi, a similar product to this, but a lot more expensive. I thought I would … Read more

Sand and Cameras Can Work

camera on a sand bag

Sand and cameras can work together. Normally a combination to be avoided. However, some weeks ago I made sand bags to reduce vibration and had a couple left over. So, when it came to wanting something to support a camera this caught my eye. They are roughly 3.5″ x 5″ and initially sewn along the sides … Read more