Finished Heavy Duty Camera Arm

I’ve finished heavy duty camera arm with some nice bolts, wing nuts and a knurled knob for the split pin.

knurled split pin knob

One of the final parts to complete was a knurled knob for the split pin.

This is a 1/2″ diameter piece of brass with a straight knurl machined on the Hobbymat lathe.

The split pin fits though the centre and was soft soldered to the brass knob.

This is quite a simple build and you could make most of the arm from plywood if you prefer. I would fit brass tubing into the holes when using plywood as this will help the smoothness of the joints. It will also make the joints more robust.

The only difficult part is the mounting fixture for the camera. Again, this could be simplified by purchasing a camera ball-joint for a tripod and then fixing that to the head of the arm.

Now I’ve finished heavy duty camera arm I will be moving onto the other projects on the bench. Now I have no excuse to make more videos. It should also be possible to get better quality still images with a DSLR mounted on the arm.

This has been a very rewarding home design and build project.

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