Finishing Touches

Coronavirus has given me time to think and my thoughts have been around the models that are half built and what it means to complete and get to the finishing touches.

Firstly though, how do we get to the point that a model is not or cannot be finished?

  • Moving house
  • Not enough hours to complete
  • Need more time to think through the design
  • Something goes wrong
  • Too difficult to build some parts
  • No finances
5 cylinder rotary

Moving House

I broke a tape in the crankcase of my 5 cylinder rotary engine, it all went into a box and we moved house.

3 years later…..I picked it back up and decided to complete the engine and it is now one of my most cherished engines.

Bellcrank bracket

More Thinking Time

Sometimes I just need more time to consider the design and how to solve certain issues. This transitional engine has taken a lot of hours to get this far and so no need to rush to the finish.

aluminium brazing gone wrong

Something Goes Wrong

I tried to use Durafix to weld the aluminium brackets to the aluminium crankcase of my single cylinder engine.

It all went badly wrong.

All of these issues are part of the fun and learning that we all go through as model engineers and model makers. This makes it all the better when we get to the finishing touches, stand back and admire the end results of all of our hard labour.

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