Burrell Steering Column

Burrell Steering Column

The Burrell steering column feels like a big step as it adds another level of detail to this tiny miniature traction engine. First of all though a quick look at all of the parts. The steering wheel itself was machined from solid brass. Just 22mm in diameter with a 8BA thread in the centre. The … Read more

Steering Worm and Wheel

steering worm and wheel

Making the steering worm and wheel for the miniature traction engine has been fun. The worm is 6mm diameter and 2mm pitch, the wheel is 14mm in diameter and has 20 teeth. The following youtube video from my channel covers most of the elements involved in making this gear set. As you can see from … Read more

Vehicle Steering Systems

Ackermann steering

When we talk about Vehicle Steering Systems we’re discussing the collection of components, linkages, etc. which will allow for a vehicle to follow the desired course. This is all part of the vehicle dynamics. The way in which a vehicle steers can be described: Neutral Steering – handling characteristic between understeer and oversteer. Oversteer – … Read more