Front Wheel Spokes

Time, for the front wheel spokes and then I can assemble the front wheels for the miniature traction engine.

brass blanks for spokes

Brass blanks cut out using my slightly modified bandsaw table.

I’ve cut out 24 brass blanks.

The next stage is to bolt them together so that I can machine them to the right shape.

engineers square clamped to pillar drill table

I clamped an engineers square to the pillar drill table to give me two reference edges. Thus allow me to slide the brass up the corner and drill each one at the same location.

By the way, that is not a huge engineers square, it’s my tiny Unimat 3 pillar drill.

four sets of brass spokes bolted together

Rims, Hubs and Spokes. The rims were machined from mild steel, the hubs took some time to machine.

milling the edges of the spokes

Milling the edges of the sets of brass spokes. They are bolted together in sets of 6 and the bolts clamped in the vice. This way I need 2 of these sets for each wheel.

I’m using a tungsten carbide endmill in my Sieg SX2.7 milling machine.

Aligning the end of the brass spokes on the mill

I aligned the position of the brass strips to the end of the vice, thus allowing me to mill the spoke down to 4mm width. Leaving the larger section on one end.

This is a delicate machining operation and so use a high speed, sharp carbide end mill and small cuts.

spokes with form
Spokes machined to form.
all of the front wheel parts

All of the spokes now have the right section.

I then marked the spokes, 20.6mm centre section and 4mm in from each end to give the flat section on the rim and hub respectively.

set of 12 spokes

The hole is 1/16th of an inch to accept the rivet. The front wheel spokes are all bent at each end to 20 degrees, 4mm in from each end.

And so on to assembly of the wheels

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