2020 a Year of Projects

2020 a Year of Projects, tool reviews, repairs and upgrades all in this overview posting, plus a happy new year to all from glue-it.com

I want to look forward to projects and ideas for 2021, but firstly I thought it was worth just looking at what has been achieved in 2020, perhaps one of the toughest with most of us living in some form of lockdown with covid.

a pair of rear wheels

The traction engine wheels dominated the start of my modelling year in 2020. The miniature 1/20th scale Burrell is a major project and so has been keeping me very busy with a number of sub-projects throughout the year. More to come in 2021…

Lamp Post Engine

Early on this year I finally got the drive to add a lantern and electric generator to the lamppost engine.

I did find some time to create a set of drawings for this engine and make them available as a pdf download.

genmitsu cnc in case

The Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-pro was bought as a way to engrave the smokebox door on the Burrell traction engine, however, this turned into a project in it’s own right.

I ended up etching the door, but that is another project for later in the year. I can already see that 2020 a Year of Projects is going to be quite a year.

two book nooks

We made some book-nooks from MDF, we made quite a few, but only Patrick managed to turn them into an illuminated glimpse into another world.

The article shows the simple construction and basic dimensions.

All of these projects are either posted on this model making blog or on my instagram account. If you have any questions do drop me a line and I will try to answer as soon as I can, alternatively post a comment below.

Soba 3 jaw chuck

The Warco WM240B finally got a well deserved upgrade for the 3 jaw chuck.

I bought a Soba 125mm 3 jaw and modified the backplate of the old chuck to fit.

I also measured and listed the runout of a few different 3 jaw chucks to share with everyone.

spindle for cnc machine with o-ring belt

The Genmitsu 3018pro just had to have a spindle upgrade.

I decided to design and make a belt driven spindle for this small CNC engraver.

There were a number of other upgrades for this small cnc machine in it’s first year of use.

watercolour paintbox

One of the loveliest builds this year was a watercolour paintbox for Beatrice. The design for this is available as a pdf download. I decided that the cost for these plans should be very modest, effectively the cost of a coffee – that feels like a fair trade.

M4 grub screw in ferule

Graver Handle – one of the last projects for 2020, quite a fast project, but at the same time rewarding. A simple build that took around 2 hours from start to finish.

first boomerang

…and a hint at some more projects for 2021, maybe a boomerang. Definitely a lot more posts on the development of the Burrell traction engine.

I hope you enjoy this run through of the year in projects, I’m sure I’ve missed some out as this doesn’t appear to account for the time spent in the workshop.

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